Nuestro Buey, a subsidiary of Grupo Altube, was created in 2001 to breed and market one of the finest meats currently available. Wagyu beef is so healthy and perfect in culinary terms that the breed is one of the most select and exclusive in the world.




Originally from Japan (“Wa” means “Japan”, and “gyu” refers to cattle), the Wagyu breed dates back centuries. Researchers believe that the breed came to Japan from what is now Turkey in the 2nd century AD.For centuries, Wagyu cattle were protected from human consumption thanks to Buddhism, and were used only for agricultural purposes. Consequently, this breed has undergone very little of the genetic change which would result from crossing with other breeds over time.

Wagyu meat is quite unlike any other beef, and of a much higher quality, tender and juicy with very healthy fat, as it has a high percentage of unsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids such as oleic acid, linoleic acid and conjugated linoleic acid, which help to prevent a range of illnesses.




At Nuestro Buey, the entire life cycle of each of our cattle is monitored from beginning to end through the implementation of a special cattle-rearing system which guarantees both animal welfare and the quality and safety of the final product reaching the consumer.


Among other note-worthy aspects, this rearing system employs biodegradable bedding, which can later be used directly as compost on fields, since it does not need that much time to decompose as straw or sawdust. At the same time, it ensures that the animal has comfortable bedding, mainly due to its texture, hygiene and ease of cleaning, since it absorbs both the smell of ammonia and the moisture from urine.




Another feature of our cattle-raising system is the use of large expanses of land where the animals can move freely, and where they have the choice of being outside or staying under cover. In addition to protecting them from extremes of the climate, this also means that they are protected from the insects and parasites which plague cattle. Our fences are made from materials which cannot injure the animals. The grazing land is cleaned on a weekly basis in order to guarantee comfort and hygiene. In addition, the cattle are provided with salt blocks, piped music and auto-massage brushes.


With the aim of preserving their natural habits and avoiding competition for feed, the cattle have continuous access to high quality fodder which provides them with a healthy and natural diet, based on highly digestible steamed cereals (muesli). This also ensures their contentment and well-being, transforming their meat into a unique and 100% healthy product.




Given that we aim to ensure our animals are stress-free and leading the happiest lives possible, we would also like to mention the last stages of their lives. In addition to the care we invest in providing them with a peaceful environment in which to live, we also guarantee that the final moments of their lives are as compassionate and stress-free as possible. Thus, they are transported to the privately contracted slaughterhouse in our own animal transporters, completely equipped for this purpose so that the animals travel in comfort and without fear. The journey never exceeds 40 minutes, and the animals are accompanied by the members of staff who have cared for them. They are not made to wait at the entrance, nor do they have to mix with other animals, since the slaughterhouse is contracted for our exclusive use on that day, additionally guaranteeing complete cleanliness of the site.


It is important to note that our production and ethics are essentially based on the fact of raising our animals to their fullest potential and drawing on them in the elaboration of our different products.




Thanks to rigorous quality control of our beef, we can certify that all the associated meat derivatives carry absolute guarantees of homogeneity, traceability and food safety standards. Each product is subject to exhaustive quality controls which, combined with our special feeding regime, determine the final excellence of this marbled, healthy meat, in which the fat is marbled throughout the muscle, instead of forming a mass around the lean meat, thus providing a much better texture and yielding an exquisite sensation of tenderness on eating.